Riebold Sanitation

We are not the best because we are the oldest. We are the oldest because we are the best.

 Riebold Sanitation, LLC is a 3rd generation, family owned and operated business since 1949 serving central and southern Connecticut. Our company provides all the necessary elements in maintaining or constructing a septic system. We have a person in our pump truck on a daily basis to handle routine cleanings, emergencies and unclogging of septic lines. We also perform septic system inspections for real estate transactions giving the buyer the proper information needed to make a decision on a purchase of a home. And, of course our family team are experts on septic system repairs and installations. We follow the right channels with town officials to insure you that we are installing a quality code compliant septic system with no corner cutting.

Riebold Sanitation, LLC specializes in providing our customers friendly, professional work in a timely fashion, and the owner is on every job.